How to create healthy habits…and actually stick to them!

Have you ever promised yourself that you’d adopt healthier habits…and then got frustrated with yourself for not following through on your promises?

You know you need to change your daily habits – because they’re the key to your health, happiness and success in life. (As the author of Atomic Habits, James Clear, writes: “Habits matter because they help you become the person you wish to be…Quite literally, you become your habits.“)

But creating healthy habits (and actually sticking to them) is challenging. Let’s be honest: lifestyle change is not straightforward. And it doesn’t matter how sincere your intentions or how much knowledge you’ve amassed about wellness: it all counts for nothing unless you can actually apply that knowledge to your own life. And keep to those habits.

You’ve likely been dragged backwards many times by your old habits – and beaten yourself up for failing yet again to make the changes you know you need to make.

I know how demoralising it can be when you’ve bought all the books and tried all the diets and you still keep finding yourself back at square one. And you begin to think there is something wrong with YOU. Maybe you suspect that you don’t really deserve to be healthier and happier. This is not true. Maybe you think that you don’t have enough knowledge. That’s not true either.

Adopting healthy habits isn’t about gaining more knowledge

Every day, I meet intelligent, super-capable women who desperately want to feel better. But they’re too overwhelmed to know where to start or how to start. They’re painfully frustrated and angry with themselves because they’ve repeatedly failed to adopt the habits they know they need to adopt.

This is not through lack of knowledge. You have information on wellness coming out of your ears. Every day, you’re bombarded with reams of health advice via newspapers, magazines, social media, podcasts, celebrity diet books – the list goes on and on.

And here’s what DOES work in making healthy habits stick

What you need is not more and more knowledge: it’s support in applying the knowledge you already have. And that’s where group health coaching comes in. When you’re part of a group, you get to benefit from the collective momentum, support and effervescence – and your chances of success skyrocket.

That’s why I’ve created my Freshly Minted membership: to support, guide and champion you as you finally adopt the small lifestyle changes that will add up to a huge transformation in your wellbeing.

Community really is the best medicine

Getting healthy is a team sport. When you join a community of like-minded women, who all have the same aim as you do, you’ll be astonished by your progress. Group coaching is the key to you having bags of energy, taking back the wheel when it comes to your own health, sleeping better, eating better, having more emotional resilience – and gaining that longed-for life balance.

Here are 20 reasons why Freshly Minted works:

1. You won’t be doing this on your own

You won’t be trying to make those lifestyle changes all on your own (we know how that turns out!). All the research shows that getting healthy as a team really is the fastest, most effective (and most cost-effective) way to make healthy habits stick.

2. I know what actually works

Over the past seven years, I’ve coached hundreds of women back to vibrant health and I know what actually works in helping them to make the lasting changes that turn their life around.

3. And I’ve seen the proof

Here’s just one example: when Lynda Sackett joined one of my group coaching programmes, she had been off work for a year with depression and anxiety. Her emotional stability, sleep, eating habits and entire outlook on life were transformed through group coaching – and her medical symptoms reduced by 77%. As Lynda says: “Something magic happened in the group.” Here’s my conversation with Lynda about the magic of group coaching.

4. Self-compassion is the key to change

I put self-compassion at the heart of all my coaching. Being hard on ourselves is a terrible motivator for getting ourselves to change. A much more effective, proven approach is learning to be kind to ourselves. Cultivating self-compassion is the secret to us being able to change our life.

5. I’ve walked this road myself

I’ve been on this journey myself: so you get to benefit from all the real-life experience I’ve gained through neglecting my health and finally figuring out how to thrive. I feel better in my 50s than I did in my 20s, 30s or 40s – and I want to share that with you.

6. We take it slowly

Freshly Minted is all about making one small change after another, rather than attempting to overhaul your entire lifestyle in one go (and then abandoning the whole lot). Trying to pursue an overnight transformation does not work. James Clear again: “Success is the product of daily habits, not a once-in-a-lifetime transformation.”

7. You’ll benefit from the magic of tapping

I weave tapping (also know as EFT) into all my coaching. It’s a remarkably effective way to manage stress and anxiety. It also helps you to be free of past emotional hurts, so that you can move forward with your life. Here’s my conversation on how tapping helps us to move past the limiting beliefs that hold us back.

8. We start with managing your stress

It’s really hard for us to make lifestyle changes when we’re stuck in a state of stress and overwhelm – we just don’t have the headspace or resources for it. That’s why one of our live monthly sessions is Peppermint Pause: an online sanctuary where I guide you through powerful self-calming practices like breathwork, tapping and journalling.

9. There is no “failure” in Freshly Minted

There’s no way to “fail” Freshly Minted. You won’t ever need to worry about not being able to keep up. This gentle, supportive membership works at your pace of change and nobody else’s.

10. You’ll make gratitude a daily practice

You’ll be supported to adopt a daily gratitude practice. Research shows that people who practise gratitude are 20% happier than those who don’t. Other benefits range from a stronger immune system and lower blood pressure to feeling more optimistic and having higher self-worth. Have a listen to my conversation on the healing power of gratitude.

11. You’ll benefit from a constant circle of support

Whenever you’re feeling frustrated with yourself, you’ll be buoyed up by the compassion, support and understanding of a circle of women who are grappling with the same struggles you’re facing.

12. It’s hassle-free and simple to follow

Freshly Minted has been designed with overwhelmed women in mind, so I’ve made it super-simple and stress-free. You don’t even need to log onto your laptop or PC to join it. It’s all on an easy-to-use app on your phone.

13. This is not about throwing more information at you

You won’t be given advice – and then left to get on with it. That’s nowhere near enough. You’ll be helped to actually apply what you’ve learnt – and make those habits stick. For good.

14. You’ll be motivated every step of the way

We all know how easy it is to lose our motivation once we’ve joined a programme. That’s why you’ll be cheered on every day via a nurturing Whatsapp Group: you’ll be carrying your cheerleader and your cheer squad in your pocket.

15. I’m a real person

Freshly Minted is not a faceless programme that you buy and then abandon (and then feel worse about yourself for wasting money). I’m a hands-on coach and I’m here for you throughout this journey. I’ll be gently holding you accountable and holding your hand through the process of making changes that will transform your wellbeing.

16. Freshly Minted works around you

I understand that life is full-on – so this membership works around you and your schedule. You can watch my bite-sized videos on the app on your phone whenever suits you. You’ll also be able to watch recordings of my monthly goal-setting and coaching sessions, if you can’t make them in person.

17. You’ll be able to track your progress

You’ll have habit trackers at your fingertips, so you can see for yourself how much progress you’re making.

18. There’s no pressure and you’re not locked in

I know that life throws us unexpected challenges and I believe we already have enough pressure in our lives without having one from a wellness membership. That’s why you can leave Freshly Minted at any time, with no notice period. And you can rejoin whenever you feel ready to.

19. Freshly Minted goes way beyond health

I believe that getting our health back is only half the story. This journey is about finding your mojo and deciding what you want to do with that energy. It’s not just about getting healthy. It’s about what you want to do with that health. That’s where the magic lies.

20. I believe in you

Empowering women to thrive is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I believe in you and I know you can change. I’m ready and waiting to walk that path with you. One woman on my group coaching called me “the fairy godmother of lifestyle change”. Her description made me smile…but I don’t have a magic wand. What I do have is the key to you starting to thrive in the way you deserve to.

So there you have it. Group coaching is the fastest, most effective way to adopt healthy habits – and stick to them. It’s also the most joyful way to make the lifestyle changes we know we need to make to feel vibrantly healthy. When we come together with others, we make remarkable progress that we would never have made on our own. That’s the power of community. Find your tribe and you’ll find your wellbeing.

If you’re ready to finally feel good about yourself, I invite you to join me on my Freshly Minted membership. You can find all the details and sign up by clicking the button below.

Suzy x

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