Peppermint Pause

If you’re a woman who feels overwhelmed, overstretched and stressed, you’re not alone.

How would it feel to find a place where you can shrug off the superwoman cape and let everything out?

A safe space to be vulnerable, real and uncensored – surrounded by the kindness and support you’re struggling to find elsewhere?

Peppermint Pause is your online sanctuary.

A 90-minute pocket of calm in your demanding world.

A space to feel the power of connection and compassion.

How many times have you said: “I don’t even have time to think”?

This is your sign to take that time for yourself. When was the last time you did that?

Who is Peppermint Pause for?

Peppermint Pause is YOUR space if you:

People-please and lack healthy boundaries

Feel totally overwhelmed by constant juggling
Are pulled in every direction and feel at breaking point
Live on a hamster wheel and always put yourself last
Pretend to be coping with your exhausting plate-spinning act
Compare yourself to women you think are coping better than you (and then feel even worse)
Do everything for everyone…and then feel resentful and snap at your loved ones

What does Peppermint Pause involve?

Over a comforting and compassionate 90-minute Zoom with women just like you, you will:
Build a toolkit of techniques and tips to make you feel more secure and happier

Learn breathing exercises to calm your anxiety and feel grounded

Express your frustrations and fears without fear of being judged

Practise journaling and gratitude to shift your mindset and encourage more positivity in your life

Dramatically lower your stress levels through the power of tapping (also known as EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique)
Benefit from the power of connection to feel heard and understood
Tune into your inner voice and start trusting yourself more
Build your emotional resilience to deal with life’s challenges

You’re having to deal with so much. I truly believe that you deserve this space to take a break from worrying about others, honour your own feelings and allow yourself some precious respite.

“Peppermint Pause is a safe space to be honest and open to allow healing to happen. By the end of the session, I was feeling calm and relaxed again.”

Katie Taylor

By the end of this soul-restoring 90-minute Zoom session, you’ll feel lighter, calmer and infinitely more content.

Investment is £20 to access this space for you (check the dates below for our next session).

A little bit about me

I’m Suzy, and I know exactly how you feel…really.

I used to soldier on with work, blast through my list and lurch from errand to errand with teeth gritted and eyes fixed on getting through the day.

I kept up the act of a professional, successful woman…but inside I was crumbling under the weight of a relentlessly stressful job, three kids, a house to run and never-ending admin to wade through.

Wellness was an alien concept to me: I didn’t know how it was possible. What did it even mean to feel energised and vibrant?

Ashen-faced, nerves jangling, stomach braced for the next crisis – I was the picture of anti-wellness.

Now, I feel deeply fortunate to speak to you as a woman who found her light – and I want to guide you to yours (because I know you feel it buried deep, deep, deep under layers of worry and weariness).

Come to the next Peppermint Pause and let’s begin there.

Suzy x
Suzy Glaskie - Certified Health Coach and functional medicine - The Wellness Unwrapped 6 week programme - transform your body and mind in just 6 weeks

“I felt relaxed after 90 minutes sitting in a calm space with time to think.”

Jenna Keller

Upcoming dates:

“It had been a real emotional rollercoaster of a day and I feel so much better now and far more chilled, calm and relaxed. I think I should bottle the feeling.”

Sarah Babad

13th September 2023

18th October 2023

15th November 2023

13th December 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to commit to coming to Peppermint Pause regularly?

No. You can book per session and drop in when works for you. Each one is a stand-alone session.

I’m not comfortable being on camera. Do I have to be seen?

Not at all. I’ve created Peppermint Pause to be a nurturing, calming space for everyone. You are very welcome to join with your camera off and in your pyjamas if that feels right for you.

I don’t like sharing in a group. Will I feel pressured to talk?

Absolutely not. There is no pressure at all to say or share anything. You can simply be present and benefit from it all without having to participate. If you choose to share any thoughts at any point, you will be heard with compassion and understanding in a safe, confidential space.

What if I book and then I can’t make it. Will there be a recording?

These sessions will not be recorded. This is to ensure that everyone feels totally comfortable being honest and open.

If you’re worried you might end up not making it, try to prioritise this time for yourself in the same non-negotiable way that you would for doing something for a family member. Block out the time now in your diary and know that taking just 90 minutes for you is going to make everyone happier when you’re feeling calmer and more connected because you did this for yourself.

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