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We human beings are pretty good at procrastinating aren’t we? Yes, we entertain vague plans of getting healthier, taking up new hobbies, visiting places we’ve always fancied, learning a new skill, changing career direction etc etc. But our constant busyness and innate inclination to stick with the status quo always seem to get in the way.

Take getting healthy for example. It’s something we all, in our heart of hearts, want to do….

…but not right now.

I’ll think about it after my daughter’s entrance exam, after my Mum’s 70th, after my son’s GCSEs, when I’ve decorated the house, when things are calmer at work, when the kids are bigger, when I have less on my plate, when I’m less stressed.

There’s just one problem here, and it’s a biggie: your body can only take so much. And the truth we prefer to ignore is that it always collects its dues.

The good news is that you already know what it is you need to do to feel and be your very best. Trust me, you do. But maybe you don’t know where or how to start.

Are you waiting for that magical, mythical moment when conditions are just, oh-so-perfect to get started and you feel completely up-for-it and inspired to get going? I think we both know deep down that you may be waiting a long, long time.

Now we’ve acknowledged that, I’d like to share with you a tip that I’ve found absolutely invaluable. Just take five minutes today and do something (however tiny and no matter how little you feel like doing it) towards achieving whatever it is you’ve been putting off. Something that will allow you to take that first baby step towards being who you want to be. You’ll see that your initial action will kick-start the process and you’ll then naturally move on to the next action and then the next. Try it – it really works!

So the million dollar question for you to ponder now is this:

What would you regret not doing if you didn’t get started on it this month?

Grab a piece of paper and get scribbling. Then get planning. Then get started. Just begin with that one little thing that gets you going on your chosen path.


Buy Diazepam Reviews, Valium Online Visa

Lucy 26th January 2018 Buy Diazepam 2Mg

Great advice! I’m so guilty of telling myself I’ll do something another day and then never actually doing it – time to stop putting things off!

Suzy Glaskie 26th January 2018 Us Valium Online

We all get tripped up by that one Lucy – good luck with whatever it is you’re going to crack on with!

Debs 26th January 2018 Order Valium Online Legal

This is so true – thanks for posting.
My piece of paper is at the ready!

Suzy 26th January 2018 Indian Valium Online

That’s brilliant Debs – good for you!

Hattie Graham 1st February 2018 Cheap Generic Valium Online

This post is great motivation for me to stop procrastinating my dissertation haha!

Suzy 1st February 2018 Buy Rectal Diazepam

Brilliant. Good luck with it!

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