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Straight-talking conversations with inspirational people.


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Welcome to the Wellness Unwrapped podcast

with suzy glaskie

In each episode, I lift the lid on the (often bewildering) topic of wellness – sharing straight-talking conversations with inspirational people, many of whom have personally helped me to unwrap my own wellness. I’m on a mission to share real-life, accessible ways for even the busiest of people to feel better.

Wellness unwrapped podcast - Suzy Gaskie Health Coach

Wellness Unwrapped

Latest episode:

  • Why we need to put our own wellbeing first!
    on 9 May 2022

    I found this conversation so deeply thought-provoking that I've been playing Lucy Barnwell's words in my head to remind myself of what's important in life. Lucy is someone who truly lives by what […]

  • The transformational power of dancing
    on 18 April 2022

    This episode is a total joy. It's a conversation with my dear friend Debbie Hilton and it's all about something which comes naturally to all of us - but which most of us don't often do as adults. Dancing! It's beyond question that dancing is medicine. And it's medicine that we all have a right to […]

  • Find your inner harmony with nature's cycles
    on 4 April 2022

    As we launch ourselves into spring, it felt the perfect time to share an uplifting conversation about the role of nature's cycles in our life. My guest is Sadie Pickering - truly someone who is in harmony with nature and who has been a personal inspiration to me for several years. I've learnt so […]

  • The medicine of miracles
    on 21 March 2022

    In the first part of this episode, I share a deeply personal and very emotional story. It's the story of my younger son, Louis, and what happened to him as a small child when he was put on medication following a (wrong) diagnosis of a chronic bowel condition. He suffered for years because of a […]

  • Why we need to ditch diet culture
    on 7 March 2022

    I feel that this conversation is one of the most important I've had so far on the podcast. As my guest Susan Hyatt lays bare, diet culture is trapping girls and women in a cycle of suffering. (And I know from my work as a health coach that men are affected in exactly the same way). It horrifies me […]

  • Natural remedies for balance, calm and vibrancy
    on 21 February 2022

    I really loved this conversation with the incredibly upbeat, sunny Nikki Hill. Nikki shares lots of gentle, accessible inspiration for you to care for your own wellbeing - using simple, natural, joyful methods that require little money, time or energy. We chat about how you can tap into the […]

  • Why gratitude builds fortitude
    on 7 February 2022

    If I could persuade everyone to adopt just one habit, it would be a daily gratitude practice. It's no exaggeration to say that this is a practice that transform's people lives on every level. This week's episode is a deeply uplifting conversation with the inspirational Holly Bertone. Holly lives […]

  • I took a psychedelic drug. Here's why.
    on 24 January 2022

    This episode will come as a real shock to people who know me – because I’ve always been staunchly against drugs. So what persuaded me to change my mind and volunteer for my first ever experience of a psychedelic drug? You may have read about new research showing the remarkable effects of […]

  • Why forgiveness is the greatest healer
    on 10 January 2022

    [Warning: this episode contains an account of a violent attack.] It has long been known that forgiveness is the path to inner peace and happiness. And there are further, immense benefits from being able to let go of resentment and anger towards those who have wronged us: forgiveness has been shown […]

  • The story of how I fell apart
    on 27 December 2021

    Many people assume that I've always been an upbeat health coach with a picture-perfect, healthy lifestyle. But that is very, very far from the truth and I really feel it's important for my listeners to know that I have previously sunk very low. In this special, end-of-year episode, I swop roles […]

  • Why feeding your soul is key to your health
    on 13 December 2021

    This episode cuts right to the heart of what healthcare can (and should!) look like. It's so much more than simply treating disease - it's about helping people to live their fullest life. Dr Kristi Hughes is one of the truly visionary doctors I was privileged to learn from as part of my studies to […]

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