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Wellness Unwrapped Archive

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  • Why I'm saying...No!
    on 11 July 2022

    In this final (very mini) episode of this season of Wellness Unwrapped, I share a few thoughts on cutting myself some slack and giving myself some space. I hope it inspires you to do the same! I […]

  • I took a psychedelic drug. Here's why.
    on 24 January 2022

    This episode will come as a real shock to people who know me – because I’ve always been staunchly against drugs. So what persuaded me to change my mind and volunteer for my first ever experience of a psychedelic drug? You may have read about new research showing the remarkable effects of […]

  • Why forgiveness is the greatest healer
    on 10 January 2022

    [Warning: this episode contains an account of a violent attack.] It has long been known that forgiveness is the path to inner peace and happiness. And there are further, immense benefits from being able to let go of resentment and anger towards those who have wronged us: forgiveness has been shown […]

  • The story of how I fell apart
    on 27 December 2021

    Many people assume that I've always been an upbeat health coach with a picture-perfect, healthy lifestyle. But that is very, very far from the truth and I really feel it's important for my listeners to know that I have previously sunk very low. In this special, end-of-year episode, I swop roles […]

  • Why feeding your soul is key to your health
    on 13 December 2021

    This episode cuts right to the heart of what healthcare can (and should!) look like. It's so much more than simply treating disease - it's about helping people to live their fullest life. Dr Kristi Hughes is one of the truly visionary doctors I was privileged to learn from as part of my studies to […]

  • Why your lymph is the secret to vibrant health and glowing skin
    on 29 November 2021

    We all want vibrant health, glowing skin, a healthy immune system and to feel emotionally well...but did you know that your lymphatic system is key to all of that? And that you can give yourself a simple self-massage to transform your wellbeing? I feel very privileged to have had my eyes opened to […]

  • Why I'm trying not to be ruled by fear
    on 15 November 2021

    As I hit my 50th episode, I’m taking the opportunity to share with you my inner self-critic - and my fear around sparking other people’s anger and outrage. This solo episode is definitely one of the most candid ones I’ve shared with you. I really hope it helps you to move through your own […]

  • Why talking to strangers is good for us!
    on 1 November 2021

    We've always been told to beware of strangers...but it turns out that talking to strangers is a proven way to make us happier and healthier. In this life-affirming conversation, I chat with veteran journalist Joe Keohane, author of the brilliant new book "The Power of Strangers: The Benefits of […]

  • Why REST and PLEASURE are core to being a woman
    on 18 October 2021

    I learnt so much about what it means to be a woman in this conversation with Sally Beaton. I just wish I'd learnt this when I was 15 rather than 50! Have a listen to Sally's wisdom on the meaning and power of the monthly cycles in a woman's life; why we are programmed to have regular rest; why we […]

  • Lessons from a spider in my bed
    on 4 October 2021

    Welcome to a brand new season of Wellness Unwrapped! To kick off season 3, I'm sharing some reflections I've had while on a break from the podcast and social media over the summer. You'll also hear how my reaction to finding a big, dead spider in my bed has inspired me! I hope it will inspire you […]

  • The mantra I'm trying to live by
    on 26 July 2021

    In this solo episode, I share my thoughts on my time with someone who - having faced her own mortality - lives by a mantra that I'm also trying to adopt. Here's a link to an earlier episode (no. 25) "What I Learnt from a Stranger by the Sea", where I describe first meeting this wonderful lady: […]

  • Life, love and laughter in the shadow of Auschwitz
    on 12 July 2021

    This conversation is one which is engraved on my heart. It's with 92-year-old Eva Neumann, known to everyone as Bobby. Bobby is a survivor of Auschwitz. Her story is one you'll never forget. It's impossible not to be moved and inspired by her remarkable resilience, humour and lack of bitterness. […]

  • BITESIZE episode: When there's just too much to juggle
    on 28 June 2021

    As many of us find ourselves buckling under the weight of our responsibilities and struggling to keep up with the pace, I thought I'd share a bitesized episode to help us find our balance. Have a listen to a nugget of wisdom from my conversation with Terri Creeden. I chatted to Terri on episode 32 […]

  • Past lives...and why nobody dies alone
    on 14 June 2021

    Brace yourself for a thoroughly eye-opening conversation!! My chat with Julie Ryan has really transformed my view on many things. I found her explanation of what happens to us as we die to be particularly comforting. It has totally altered how I felt about people I knew who died of Covid in […]

  • How to attract positive energy into your home
    on 31 May 2021

    After many years of thinking about it, I've finally taken steps to sort my home's energy out! I was recently privileged to have Elizabeth Wells visit my house for a Feng Shui consultation. Elizabeth is an internationally accredited practitioner of the Feng Shui Society and an advanced […]

  • BITESIZE episode: How to get more joy
    on 16 May 2021

    Introducing Wellness Unwrapped bitesized! I'm always so happy to receive feedback about the podcast and have been asked by listeners to release mini-clips from guests on previous episodes. So here goes! As the world starts to open up to us again, I thought this was the perfect time to revisit a […]

  • The healing power of nature
    on 3 May 2021

    I loved this very intimate chat with Dr Lucy Loveday, who's a true inspiration to me. You can't help but catch her infectious enthusiasm for being immersed in nature. In this conversation, we talk honestly about our spiritual relationship with nature - and Lucy gives you practical, simple ways […]

  • How to tap into the magic of essential oils
    on 19 April 2021

    I honestly can't imagine what I'd do without essential oils. I use them throughout the house and in so many different ways - from inhaling them before I get out of bed in the morning, to the facial oil I use last thing at night. In this episode, I chat to Renée Hughes, a qualified aromatherapist […]

  • Why being kind to ourselves is the first step to being well
    on 5 April 2021

    One thing I've learnt as a health coach is that being kind to ourselves works a whole lot better than beating ourselves up. In this episode, I chat to someone who brings this concept to life. Lynne Gill is a wise, funny and refreshingly straight-talking 69-year-old grandmother. Lynne has been […]

  • How to attract a life of abundance
    on 22 March 2021

    This episode is a very meaty conversation with an inspirational woman who unashamedly uses her gifts to the full and pursues her dreams - and who encourages others to do the same. Caroline Britton is an intuitive and transformational coach and an expert in helping people to fulfil their […]

  • Thoughts at 50: the lessons that shape my life
    on 8 March 2021

    As I've just turned 50, I thought I'd take the opportunity to pause and reflect on some of the big lessons that now shape my life. In this very personal episode, I share thoughts on what I've learnt - and what has allowed me to go from burnt-out and floundering at 40 to (mostly!) calm, positive […]

  • Why we need to talk about suicide
    on 22 February 2021

    This episode marks the first anniversary of the Wellness Unwrapped podcast – and I’m so grateful to have you joining me as a listener. My guest for my anniversary episode is not a famous doctor or an author. Alice Hendy is someone who you won’t have heard of - but who I think deserves to be […]

  • How walking can change your life
    on 8 February 2021

    The huge benefits of walking for our physical, mental and emotional health are beyond question. However, I had no idea that the way I walked wasn't actually that great - and that I could be walking much more effectively to achieve so many more benefits. That's why I'm so excited to bring you this […]

  • How to live a meaningful life
    on 25 January 2021

    My conversation this week is a very deep dive with one of the wisest people I’m privileged to know. Ruthie Portnoy is a Couples Therapist, EFT Practitioner and Life Coach. She’s also mother to nine kids!  Ruthie's dream is to empower individuals and couples to find their best selves and to […]

  • Why we need to put ourselves first
    on 11 January 2021

    Have you ever thought of yourself as a leader? Well, this super-juicy chat with Terri Creeden will make you think differently! Terri is exceptionally wise - and also unsparingly honest about how she recently "cracked" when she neglected her own self-care. She explains how - although we may not […]

  • How to look great...naturally!
    on 28 December 2020

    Such a privilege to have Janey Lee Grace as my guest this week. 15 years ago, it was Janey's book "Imperfectly Natural Woman" which first opened my eyes to how to care for myself and my family. In this episode, Janey shares how to look great without overloading our body with toxic chemicals. We […]

  • How to be well!
    on 14 December 2020

    It's my privilege to bring you my conversation with a doctor who has been an inspiration to me ever since I met him at his New York practice a few years back: Dr Frank Lipman.  In this eye-opening conversation, Dr Lipman shares his refreshingly holistic, accessible view of how we can all feel […]

  • Why getting creative helps you to flourish
    on 30 November 2020

    As someone who has always classed herself as "rubbish at art" and "not very creative", it's been a revelation to me to witness the transformative effects of getting involved with creative activities. Not only can getting creative help to massively boost your self-esteem and can […]

  • How to slow down
    on 16 November 2020

    Ever feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Or that you're just too, too busy to stop and take some time out for self-care? This episode is for you! Have a listen to me chat with my yoga teacher, Karen Goldman, who's managed to help herself to slow down from her […]

  • Permission to feel and to thrive
    on 2 November 2020

    This episode of Wellness Unwrapped features a profoundly thought-provoking conversation with Zoe Blaskey. Zoe shines a light on why it's crucial to give ourselves permission to feel our feelings - and shares her personal experience of what happens when we don't. We have a deeply honest chat about […]

  • Why eating real food saves lives
    on 19 October 2020

    As we're hit by an ever-worsening tsunami of lifestyle-related chronic disease, the message that "eating real food saves lives" is more vital than ever. In this very straight-talking conversation, Dr Aseem Malhotra explains what everybody urgently needs to know about our food, to protect our […]

  • What I learnt from a stranger by the sea
    on 5 October 2020

    In this episode, I share the impact that a chance encounter with a stranger had on me. I've recorded this solo episode as a reminder to myself of her words. I hope they strike a chord with you too. If they do, drop me a note! You can find me here: Facebook: […]

  • Why we need to be more deviant!
    on 21 September 2020

    This week's guest on Wellness Unwrapped is Pilar Gerasimo - someone who I've looked up to as one of my guiding lights, ever since I came across her work a few years back. I love her gentle, wise, self-deprecating, fun approach to empowering people to take their health back. Pilar and I have a very […]

  • I'm choosing to do less: here's why
    on 7 September 2020

    Welcome to Season 2 of Wellness Unwrapped! In this introductory solo episode, I share a lightning bolt moment that hit me while journalling by a Scottish loch over the summer. It’s no exaggeration to say that this has been the single most life-changing insight I’ve had this year - and it has […]

  • The transformational power of community
    on 20 July 2020

    The last episode in the first series of Wellness Unwrapped is a golden, heart-warming (and often hilarious) chat with one of the most straight-talking women I’ve ever met – the fabulously relatable Lynda Sackett.  Lynda lays bare her struggles with her husband after his heart attack; her […]

  • How the modern world impacts our actions and our health
    on 13 July 2020

    Most of us know that junk food is bad for our health. So why do we still fall victim to eating it? In this week’s episode of Wellness Unwrapped, Dr Austin Perlmutter blows the lid off the way insidious marketing and other factors in our modern environment push us to make decisions that eat away […]

  • Why we need to bring the joy back into movement
    on 6 July 2020

    We all know that exercise is fundamental to our longevity and wellbeing on every level...but lots of us are put off by the whole concept of “working out”.  That’s why I love the playful approach of my guest on this week’s episode of Wellness Unwrapped. Darryl Edwards is a movement coach, […]

  • How to improve your sleep
    on 29 June 2020

    We'd all love to greet each day feeling refreshed, mentally resilient and full of energy. But the reality is that most of us struggle to get the sleep our body and brain crave to work optimally. In this refreshingly candid conversation, the wonderfully wise Dr Sally Bell shares her own struggles […]

  • First aid for stress: how to tap towards calm
    on 22 June 2020

    You probably have a first aid box for cuts, grazes and burns. But wouldn’t it be great to have a first aid tool for stress? Well, now you can have a tool like that - and you can draw on it any time you need it, for free. In this week’s episode, Gwyneth Moss shares an incredibly simple, quick […]

  • The secret to boosting productivity and finding balance
    on 15 June 2020

    Do you ever find yourself putting more and more effort and time into whatever task you're trying to finish...but don't seem to be making progress? Do you ever find yourself using caffeine or sugar to help you "push through" energy lags and brain fog? This week, I'm sharing something that's so […]

  • Two top tips to transform your energy levels
    on 8 June 2020

    Even before "lockdown lethargy" became a thing, most of us were suffering from an epidemic of low energy. In this episode, I share two, super-simple ways that you can transform your energy levels - from this week. I also spill the beans on what happened earlier this year when I got hit by fatigue […]

  • Broken promises - and how my husband kept me on track
    on 1 June 2020

    This week, I’m thinking about how hard it can be to keep promises to ourselves – and how much easier it is to follow through when we team up with someone who we can be accountable to.  If this episode strikes a chord with you, do drop me a note. You can contact me via my website or on any of […]

  • How I caught my breath in the midst of the corona crisis
    on 25 May 2020

    I’ll look back at this crisis as the time I learnt to breathe. In this episode, I share how being trained to correct my poor breathing helped me to tap into an unexpected calm amidst the crisis. Here are a some websites you might find useful for further information: […]

  • Why you're stronger than you think
    on 18 May 2020

    How often do you dwell on what’s “wrong” with you? If you’re like most of us, it’s probably pretty often. Research shows that if we take the opposite approach – ie focusing on our strengths – we become happier, more resilient and more successful. In this week’s episode, I share […]

  • My no. 1 bedtime habit for better sleep and a calmer life
    on 11 May 2020

    In this week’s episode of Wellness Unwrapped, I share the bedtime habit that I wouldn’t give up for anything. At a time when so many of us are struggling with our sleep and suffering from anxiety, I hope that listening to this will inspire you to try out this habit too.  If this episode […]

  • How the colour green can change your life
    on 4 May 2020

    In this week’s episode, I share some ways that being around greenery can slash our stress and make us feel calmer and happier. I also give you a behind-the-scenes, warts-and-all insight into how everything is NOT as rosy as it looks on Instagram or in glossy magazines. I really hope this […]

  • How to protect your family from invisible toxins
    on 27 April 2020

    Most of us know about the damage caused to our health by air pollution…but we tend to be less aware of the invisible toxins hiding right under our own roof. Before lockdown hit, I had the privilege of sitting down with Dr Tom O’Bryan when he was over at the Birmingham Functional Forum as guest […]

  • What my quest for perfection led to
    on 20 April 2020

    In this week's episode, I share how wanting things to be mistake-free led me to some really rubbish decisions - and how I'm in constant battle with perfectionist tendencies. Does this ring a bell with you? I'd love to hear from you if so. You can contact me via my website: […]

  • The surprise that corona has unwrapped for me
    on 13 April 2020

    In this latest lockdown episode of Wellness Unwrapped, I share how the corona crisis has forced me out of a rigid way of thinking and pushed me towards new possibilities.  I hope that listening to this helps you to explore what new possibilities might exist for you too. Here’s the link to the […]

  • Stars, bras and birds: my corona comforts
    on 5 April 2020

    Here's the latest installment of lessons I'm learning from lockdown. I share how I'm finding peace - and what I'm letting go of (and not just in the underwear department!).

  • The morning routine that's keeping me sane
    on 29 March 2020

    In this episode, I run through how I start my day to give myself the best chance of staying calm and positive throughout the rest of the day - and provide a buffer against whatever onslaught of stressors and bad news I'll have to face. There's no better time to put into a place a morning routine […]

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