How to conquer lockdown lethargy

As the lockdown drags on, I’m hearing more and more people saying that they are struggling to get through the day and that they’re feeling sluggish and foggy. Sound familiar?

Low energy has been creeping up on us for years. Well before Covid-19 hit and lockdown lethargy became a thing, low energy was already something of an epidemic.

It’s impossible to feel, look or be our best when we’re sapped of energy – as I know well from previous personal experience when, as a burnt-out, permanently wired PR consultant, I just about dragged myself through each day. Now that I’m a health coach, my absolute passion is helping people back to vibrant health and having all the energy they need to do whatever they want to in life.

Most of us are so used to feeling constantly exhausted that we’ve come to see it as normal – but we’re not meant to feel like that and your energy can sky-rocket once you start to adopt some basic lifestyle changes.

A whole industry has sprung up to help with our energy deficit – but sugar-laden energy drinks are most certainly not the answer. In this week’s episode of my Wellness Unwrapped podcast, I chat through two, super-simple ways to boost your energy and mental clarity naturally. Here’s a quick overview:

Drink up!

So many of us are limping through the day chronically dehydrated. If you’re not drinking water throughout the day, you’ll very likely find yourself feeling sluggish and will quite possibly turn to the nearest quick-fix (like a coffee or chocolate bar) to perk yourself up – but that will only leave you feeling worse later on. Aim to drink eight glasses of water a day and watch your mental focus and energy levels rise.

Ditch the energy-sapping foods

Steer clear of refined carbs and sugar-laden processed foods. Instead, opt for a colourful array of veg along with quality protein and healthy fats (like oily fish, eggs, avocado, nuts and seeds) with every meal. They’ll steady your blood sugar which will help you avoid those crashes you’ve probably got used to having throughout the day.

Tune into Wellness Unwrapped for more practical insights on boosting your energy – and to hear me spilling the beans on how I went from easy-going to super stroppy when my energy plummeted on a pre-lockdown trip to the theatre.

Over to you, how much water have you drunk so far today?

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