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Following my own advice is sometimes straightforward for me – and sometimes, quite frankly, bloody hard work. One area where I really need to improve is switching off, especially as my summer hols is imminent.

Like many people, my mind whirrs at breakneck speed and, in between my coaching sessions, I’m constantly either brainstorming, planning, studying or writing. The studying is not something I can let up on as I’m currently head down in a Functional Medicine course. My suitcase is splitting at the seams with no less than eight (pretty intense) study books I’m planning to plough through. The latest Jojo Moyes will just have to wait, I’m afraid…

That said, I can cut myself a little slack on the writing front. So, with that in mind folks, this will be my last blog for a few weeks.

Here’s hoping that you, too, get to fully enjoy a well-deserved break this summer and allow yourself to switch off, kick back and actually RELAX.

Have a good one and see you back here in a few weeks! x


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