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How to make ghee

If I told you that I often eat pure butter fat off a spoon, you might feel just a bit queasy. Am I right?

 Well, hold your horses – here’s how to make gorgeous tasting ghee. It’s really simple and is amazingly good for you.

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Sue Adlam 4th May 2018 Reply

Excellent! I have just discovered ghee – having been told to take dairy out of my diet and was struggling with the idea of what to replace butter with! I’ve since found that organic ghee is prohibitively expensive, bought some non organic which isn’t that nice, so it’s going to have to be homemade! Reassuring to hear it’s fairly easy to do as I’ve watched other videos that overcomplicate!

Suzy 4th May 2018 Reply

Hi Sue, so glad to hear that. Good luck with making your own ghee and so glad to hear you found the video straight-forward! Suzy

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