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The power of small lifestyle changes: hear the results for yourself!

If you think that it’s too difficult/time-consuming/expensive to get healthy, think again!

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My weight loss journey back to health and balance

Here’s Debs Davies talking about her weight loss and journey back to health and self-esteem. She lost three [...]

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What happens when a group of NHS hospital staff get support in changing their lifestyle

Watch what happens when a group of NHS hospital staff get support in changing their lifestyle. These are some of [...]

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My Super Healthy Red Cabbage Salad

This is a gorgeous, crunchy salad that’s amazingly good for you – and so easy to make.

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What I Use to Clean My Kitchen

As a great believer in simplicity and practicality, I’ve thrown out a load of cleaning products that I didn’t need [...]

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How to make ghee

If I told you that I often eat pure butter fat off a spoon, you might feel just a bit queasy. Am I right? Well, [...]

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Eating healthily on the go!

It’s all very well and good eating healthily when you’ve got the luxury of time and resources in your [...]

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Making Gazpacho with Mum

Back by popular demand is my fabulous 83-year-old mum helping me make a refreshing, quick and super healthy [...]

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My Five Top Tools for your Kitchen

Every year, it seems like there’s another bit of ‘essential’ kitchen equipment we need to invest in. If you’re [...]

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