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What clients say...

“I really enjoyed our sessions – you were very perceptive of me and my character and situation. Your constructive encouragement was just what I needed. The tapping process really helped me explore and reframe obstacles which were blocking my progress to a different career and potential lifestyle.”

Gill Rees

“I LOVED working with Suzy. Her calm and genuine approach to coaching was incredibly soothing. As a coach myself, I struggled to find someone I’d feel comfortable allowing into my world. I’m so grateful to have met and worked with Suzy.”

Renee Hughes

“I reached out to Suzy when I was feeling stuck and unable to find motivation. Suzy has a lovely and supportive manner and makes you feel at ease and able to create a trusting relationship. She introduced me to EFT and really helped to uncover trauma and shift some stuck emotions. It’s a technique I can practice on my own now so a very useful tool to have.” 

Sonja Vujovic

“I approached Suzy when I was at rock bottom with myself, on several fronts. I have Type 2 diabetes which I had been controlling well with a Keto diet but during lockdown I’ve been turning to comfort foods ..starch! I also acknowledge that my negative attitude to exercise was not helping my health. Sleep was a big problem: I have had insomnia for decades, and largely solved it but had drifted into very, very late nights – and too much time on Facebook (often getting into contentious political situations which doesn’t do the cortisol levels much good!). I was having far too few hours sleep. My engagement with other people was suffering. I was too settled into isolation. This also meant I wasn’t playing any music. My music mojo just went. And my self-esteem was in the basement.

Suzy taught me how to view myself more as others see me, to be kinder to myself and less critical. She encouraged me to re-engage with some friends, which had some very positive reverberations. Also I was encouraged to just pick up an instrument and have a play.

I learned how to break down challenges into doable parts, so I don’t feel too overwhelmed and am more likely to do what I promised myself I would do. I feel I am getting my eating habits back to a sensible and healthy state. Sleep has been the biggest takeaway: getting at least one hour more sleep…and now it’s 2-3 hours more. I’m spending less time online and more time reading again.

I would describe Suzy’s style of coaching as empathic, non-judgemental, and encouraging. She always gets right down to the base of the problem. She helps me to come to my own evaluation of where I am and where I would like to be..and possible ways and means of getting there. She has made me feel so much better about myself, and I shall be keeping in touch I know.”

Lynne Gill

“I would recommend anyone who can (whether you think you can afford it or not) to sign up to a programme with Suzy if you want to feel better about yourself and your body. With her calm yet bubbly, astute mind, she puts you at ease and starts you along your path of healing.

I initially started going to Suzy to try and understand why despite constant dieting and exercising my body refused to let me lose weight. Suzy opened a whole new world for me, getting me to explore ideas I would have laughed at before. The first concept Suzy opened up for me was self love. I’m still climbing the mountain on that one but I’m puffing my way up the hill. Meditation was the first step. Meditation to me was for new age, hippy types. Yet now I try to meditate twice a day for quarter of an hour. I find myself more “in the moment”. I’d heard about this concept but it always seemed unobtainable, available only to the saints of this world. But now I can put a break on my knee-jerk reaction when my kids are driving me up the wall. Most of the time I can now step back and think what I should do, rather than scream and boil in response.

Suzy also taught me EFT and deep breathing. They work. I don’t know why or how but I’m no longer constipated, so who cares? She also introduced me to the idea of gratitude journals. Through this I realised that even on the toughest of days, I still have an amazing amount of things to be grateful for and the world has become a brighter place. I don’t believe I’ve had to repeat any of my previous entries as I have so much to be appreciative of. Another thing that I would not want to stop.

I could carry on, but I think it’s much better for you to see for yourself. I would definitely recommend you to give her a go.”

Sarah Babad

“I started working with Suzy when I was at a very low point in my life. Grief and chronic pain felt a tricky combination to deal with. I was quite apprehensive about working online but Suzy was so warm, welcoming and non-judgemental. I felt very much at ease working with Suzy, I could really feel her positivity and warmth despite us working online. I would highly recommend Suzy to anyone wanting to supercharge their wellbeing.”

Clara S.

“Suzy is so easy to talk to and such a positive, inspiring and encouraging individual. She manages to work out the obstacles you’re experiencing, makes sense of them and then helps you find ways to navigate them.

I was exhausted, very fed up and felt as if I was living in the film ‘Groundhog Day’ –  trying to work, run a business, look after my family and deal with Covid. I’ve now learnt that if I don’t look after me a bit more then I’m not in any place to look after anyone else. Suzy has helped me turn on a light in my life. I now have so many things to look forward to and try as I go forward on my own. Thanks so much Suzy, you’re one in a million.”

Jo Twomey

“Working with Suzy has been so beneficial. Her encouragement has helped me to eat a much healthier diet and, as a result, I have lost weight and lost inches around my waist. I feel much better and am delighted to have had her support.”

Judy C.

“Working with Suzy has been a complete revelation! I wanted help because I was a bit stuck with my habits and felt emotionally overwhelmed. Over the course of six months, Suzy introduced me to a whole range of simple tools to help manage my stress levels, increase my resilience and generally live with purpose. She also helped me set achievable goals that built my confidence in my own ability to manage stress and take better care of myself.”

Jo Bridger

“Thank you for today, you’re the most positive voice in my journey at the moment. I greatly appreciate having you in my corner. You have such a wonderfully warm energy and never give me “pity face” like many therapists do. I also love that we can laugh together, so thank you, in this time where I am lost you’re a welcome respite.”

Corrie McCallum

“Suzy is tremendously good at what she does. Her coaching plan is thoughtful, considerate and highly effective. Strongly recommended. Try it – a lot to be gained!”

Simon B.

“Here I am nearing 50 years old and I’m still waiting to get organised. I look at ‘other people’ and think they’ve definitely got it sorted – or have they? I came to Suzy with the intention of becoming a bit healthier, perhaps lose some weight, have more energy, not eat so much rubbish but what I got was so much more! Suzy encouraged me to look at parts of my life that I didn’t realise needed attention. We looked at attitudes towards everyday challenges and ways to cope with those times that are unavoidable.  She helped me to arm myself with strategies when these times reared their ugly head so I would be prepared.

Alongside this came wonderful benefits – I would melt into a sea of calm when I entered the peppermint aroma filled room. This led me to make my own discoveries of essential oils. I also discovered bullet journaling (if you’ve never heard of it, look it up). It has been life-changing for me – my life is now organised through brightly coloured stickers and inks.  Other benefits included making time for myself – that old cliché! I have three teenage children and extended family that I look after, as well as studying for a Master’s degree – so this was no easy ride.  With Suzy’s help, I rediscovered my love of knitting and crotchet and also started reading books again – yet I seem to have more time. This was Suzy’s ability to make me stop and think about what I was doing rather than bouncing from pillar to post. Looking ahead, I am hoping to start my second set of sessions with Suzy soon with the intention of looking more intensely at healthy eating – although who knows what we may discover en route! Watch this space!”

Jane Bold

“Suzy has huge compassion and empathy. When I discuss my struggles and goals with her, she listens so sincerely and her approach is so genuine that I feel completely supported.  Her non-judgemental approach helps me to be myself and accept myself the way I am.  She has empowered me to flourish in ways I didn’t even know I had in me.”

Sue Hanify

“Before I started seeing Suzy, I was struggling in every area of my life. I was overweight, bloated, anxious, burnt-out, struggling to sleep and I suffered from headaches every single day. Working with Suzy has been nothing less than transformational.  She is incredibly warm, supportive and friendly and she’s empowered me to take back my health. With her support, I’ve lost three stone, I’m no longer bloated, I’m sleeping better and the anxiety has gone. I feel like me again – and that feels amazing.”

NB. You can hear Debs talk in person about her transformation here.

Debs Davies

“When I came to see Suzy, I was suffering with recurring anxiety for which I’d regularly been prescribed medication. I had a very dysfunctional, out of control and erratic relationship with sugar.  I’d be really good for days – and then I’d binge. I felt lost. I was spending so much time and effort cooking nutritious food for all the family from healthy cookbooks – and then I’d find myself eating one chocolate bar after another at night. Suzy has given me both the confidence and the knowledge to make sustainable changes. The cravings for sugar have completely gone. It’s only been a couple of months since my first session with Suzy and I feel much more in control, more balanced and less anxious.  I’ve found Suzy warm, caring and inspiring and, with her support, I can now choose to treat myself if I feel like it and really enjoy that treat rather than being controlled by it.  Not only that, but my kids are now empowered and have the knowledge to make wise decisions about their own food and choose when to eat treats, rather than it being an automatic, nightly occurrence. As a parent, that is priceless for me.”

Lisa D.

“When I first came to see Suzy, following a recommendation from my doctor,  I had been on steroids for over four years. Shortly after starting the steroids, I’d been prescribed Prozac for depression.  The steroids exacerbated my pre-diabetic condition, weight gain and overall lack of motivation. I had no energy and both my eating and blood sugar were out of control. I honestly thought I’d never get myself right again. Food has always been my comfort and I’d always been a “snacky” person.  I’d tried countless diets in the past but nothing had worked. What has been an absolute breakthrough for me is having the regular, one-to-one coaching sessions with someone who takes a nurturing, gentle approach.  It’s not like coming once and walking out a brand new person: you don’t change overnight. Suzy has been there for me when I’ve slipped backwards and has continually motivated me.  I’ve stopped snacking and have learnt to prepare and enjoy delicious, nutrient-packed foods. I’ve come off the steroids and Prozac, my blood sugar is stable and I feel so much better for taking fewer tablets. It feels fantastic to be no longer dictated and sabotaged by my impulses. I’ve got my confidence back again, my energy is higher, my outlook is more positive and I don’t take things to heart so much.  Every time I come to see Suzy, I leave energised and uplifted. I’d recommend her to anyone.”

Carole Nash OBE

“I came to see Suzy after suffering a mild heart attack. I’d made what I thought were reasonable lifestyle changes, but I hadn’t even scratched the surface until I started being coached by Suzy. I can see now that we just tend to ignore what our family tell us and that it really takes someone outside your circle to support you to make changes. Suzy never dictates and is completely non-judgemental. Apart from her amazing knowledge, she also has great empathy. She’s inspired and motivated me to be healthy and I feel wonderful. My health, sleep, diet have all been transformed and, as a very nice side-effect, I’ve lost over a stone and inches off my waist. I’ve even started cooking! I’m delighted to have come off statins and I feel so empowered now that I understand that food is a better medicine than drugs.

 My whole outlook has changed. I’m now so enthusiastic about lifestyle medicine that I’m inspiring my colleagues and friends to make changes and that feels really good. I’ve genuinely never felt better in my life.”

Andrew Cuckill

Before I started seeing Suzy, I was struggling with long-standing digestive issues and was feeling a little lost in life. Suzy helped me identify the cause and supported me in changing my diet: I no longer suffer from bloating and my body feels and functions so much better. She also helped me to adopt various ways of caring for myself to become more balanced and clear-headed, so that I can focus on what I really want. Suzy is so warm and supportive, and genuinely acts as a cheerleader in your life. She has no judgment, is brilliant at making you see the good in yourself and really encourages you to keep moving forward. I couldn’t have asked for a more lovely person to be my health champion.”

Greer O’Brien

“My time with Suzy has been totally empowering. No matter my mood or frame of mind when I walk in, I walk out feeling confident and ready. I have learnt so many wonderful practises and techniques from Suzy that I know I will benefit long after my sessions with her finish. Would I recommend Suzy to others? Hell yes! She’s kind, caring and gets your struggles. 100% go for it!”

Karen S.

“I called Suzy after reading about her in Cheshire Life Magazine. I was struggling with my health and felt out of control with my eating habits. I was also having a tough time with my role in my family. Suzy just felt like someone I needed in my life at that moment. And I couldn’t have been more right about that. Over the next 6 months, Suzy helped me find myself again, take back control and educate me about healthy choices both in eating and in my daily routine. I am more confident, more myself and physically feel better than I have in a while. She is a calming presence in my life who never judges, and is someone who I completely trust and admire. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with Suzy and Peppermint Wellness.”

Robyn O.

I was overweight, unfit, running on adrenaline fumes and grieving for the losses in my life and unsure of what to do next. I think the phrase is that I was “sick and tired of feeling sick and tired”. I had heard and read about functional medicine, and as a nurse myself, it resonated with me. I didn’t want more medication to treat normal human responses. I was put in touch with Suzy by a local functional medicine doctor who suggested she’d be able to help me make lifestyle changes.

Like many other women, for far too long my life has been led by other people’s needs. I had forgotten that, unless the carer looks after herself, then those she cares for will lose out. The biggest revelation to me is that it’s OK to think about myself and I really don’t have to worry about other people all the time.

 Formal before and after questionnaires show clear evidence that my health and wellbeing are improving. I have lost five inches from my waist and I can recognise how much better I feel when I eat well. Suzy has been a calm, cheerful influence in my life. I feel supported. She doesn’t get fazed if I cry and to someone grieving a loss, that has been very comforting. 

I would recommend Suzy and her practice to anyone who is thinking of making changes in their life. You do have the answers inside of you: Suzy will help to calm that inner turmoil and work with you to understand that self-knowledge and help you to find a path that suits you.

My journey so far has been worth every penny and I consider it to be an investment in my wellbeing for the future.”

Jenny Currie

“Suzy has really transformed my way of thinking. She has made me realise the importance of self-worth and positive thinking. I used to be addicted to biscuits and sweets and have had none of these in two months. I now enjoy berries, which can be just as tasty and sweet, and have introduced lots of greens into my diet and feel a lot better for this. Suzy has taught me to establish boundaries and that saying no to people is acceptable. I have blossomed in confidence as a result. Suzy is an incredible life coach and counsellor. I cannot recommend her enough. She is truly inspirational.”

Emily S.

“Initially, I was a bit sceptical about health coaching. I was a life-long chocolate biscuit addict and was convinced that nothing would persuade me to give them up. But I was really suffering from bloating and indigestion and also had massive energy slumps, especially at work, so I gave it a try. I can honestly say that Suzy has changed my life. Not only has my digestion been transformed (no bloating and I no longer have cravings for sugar and caffeine) but my tummy is flatter, my clothes fit better and I’ve lost 9 lbs without depriving myself at all. I no longer have energy slumps and can run my business with more focus and energy. I feel like a different person: I’m sleeping better at night and generally feeling calmer and more positive. As a bonus, I’m getting compliments about how much fresher, clearer and younger my skin looks. Thanks to Suzy’s help, I feel the best I’ve ever done in my life.”

Michelle Kingsley

“Suzy’s health coaching programme was nothing less than a lifeline for me. Both my parents suffer from a chronic disease and, seeing the effects of that first-hand, I desperately wanted to avoid going down the same route. With all my heart, I want to stay well and healthy to be there for my kids. But I was locked in unhealthy habits and just didn’t know how to break out of them. Suzy made me want to be healthy, as opposed to having to be healthy. With her help, I’ve completely kicked my sugar habit and stopped drinking my daily Diet Coke. I know there are absolutely no guarantees when it comes to health, but I can’t put into words how much better I feel knowing that I’ve made changes to my lifestyle that reduce the risk of chronic disease. I now feel empowered to look after my own health and the health of my family for good – and I think that’s one of the most important things I can ever do in life.”

Goldie B.

“I’d tried a meal replacement diet to lose my middle-aged spread but, after eight months on it, I just wasn’t shifting any weight. In addition, I had constant cravings for sugar which would have me hunting for chocolate each evening. I also suffered from long-standing digestion problems which often left me feeling bloated and uncomfortable – and my consultant had put me on long-term medication to treat what he termed a genetic bowel condition. Suzy helped me to change my diet and health for good. With her help, I lost my belly (and two stone). Even better, I no longer crave sugar and I’m off all my medication! Whereas I used to grab a sandwich at work and then suffer the effects, Suzy has shown me how to assemble tasty, filling and nutritious meals that keep my energy up without me using chocolate as a crutch to get through the day. My blood sugar is now stable and I feel lighter and fitter than I have for two decades!”

Steven G.

“Suzy has helped me enormously over the last few months. She’s guided me across several areas of my life, improving my general wellness and how I feel about myself through diet, stress reduction and exercise. I’ve noted a vast improvement in my sleep depth and length and I now wake up refreshed. I’ve transformed my diet and ditched all the junk I used to crave that had led to me carrying excess weight. She’s helped me get rid of my brain fog so I can think clearly – I’m now finding both everyday and work decisions easier and less stressful.

“Suzy is particularly helpful, informed and supportive as a person. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking to be more content in life and to be a better human being.”

Nabeel C.

“I joined Suzy’s programme as I knew I wasn’t feeling (or looking) the best I could be. I wanted to refocus on wellness, abolish the diet treadmill and gain knowledge on how to look after myself. Suzy is someone who inspires with her passion for wellness and she empowered me to put her advice into practice and make healthy habits a part of my everyday life. Not only have I stopped feeling hungry but I now sleep better, my skin is glowing, I’ve got improved concentration and I’m less stressed. In short, I feel well.”

Danielle M.

“Being coached by Suzy gave me such a feeling of liberation. In the past, I’ve been on so many restrictive diets and it was just a breath of fresh air not to be dictated to. What you get from Suzy is a very healthy, ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ approach to eating. Now, if I happen to eat something that previously I would have felt guilty about, I’m just so much more relaxed about it. However far away you are from healthy living, Suzy makes it completely attainable, so that you have belief and confidence in yourself. She encourages you to take baby steps and holds your hand along the way.”

Sarah B.

“I was introduced to Suzy at a time when I felt at my lowest. She helped me to address and resolve many anxiety issues, and to overcome a bout of severe depression. She supported me to become more mindful in everything I do and to enjoy a purposeful and healthier life once again. I’m now not only more confident around home cooking but have drastically reduced the amount of chocolate I eat! I feel much less anxious, a lot happier and more positive about the future.

“Suzy is incredibly kind, patient and warm and is passionate about helping people lead happier, healthier lives. Thank you Suzy!”

Debbie S.

“I am so grateful for Suzy’s support and can’t thank her enough! She helped me overcome a fear of water that I had for 15 years and which seemed so daunting to me. With the help of her doing EFT (tapping) with me, I no longer have those fears and can now enjoy swimming, even if I am alone in the pool! Suzy, you’re a star.”

Aimee B.

I have tried so many different diets and health trends but none worked for me. When I heard about Suzy’s more holistic approach, I was intrigued and a little sceptical. But now I am a graduate of her coaching, I feel much better equipped to keep myself healthy and happier. Suzy’s lovely, positive, gentle sessions have given me a new self-awareness and the tools to identify triggers and deal with them when life throws things at you, at work or at home.

Louisa H.

What companies say...

“Suzy has a remarkable ability to engage a group of people and help them feel safe enough to share experiences really fast. She offers practical, honest advice and makes suggestions that can be implemented in the real world. Suzy’s lack of judgment and her compassion mean that she is quickly able to build trust and help individuals to realise that a few small changes in our lives can have a really big impact.”

Claire Edmunds, CEO, Clarify

“I had the pleasure of partnering with Suzy for our first self-care week this February.  Beforehand, she took the time to listen to what was coming up for us since the pandemic and she personalised her content to fit our global organisation. Both her short and sweet workshops landed incredibly well. Many members of our team continue to share how useful they’ve found the tapping technique. If you’re looking for someone to strike an authentic connection with your team, you have to work with Suzy.”

Lilla Piotrowska, Talent Partner, Fanatics Inc.

“Our colleagues loved Suzy. It was the second time she’s done a session for N Brown and, although we’ve been forced to do it virtually, it still had the same amazing effect on those who attended and it got an open and honest discussion started. Suzy offered plenty of insightful tips and tricks to help us work more effectively and healthily at home and touched upon how to improve sleep and diet too, all within the hour! We can’t wait to team up with her again.”

Ryan Lennon, Communications & Colleague Experience Lead, N Brown Group

“Suzy’s webinars are just what we need in these challenging times. With a big smile and good humour, she helps you to think differently and motivates you to make small changes that make a big difference to our wellbeing.  I really value how she makes it so personal and relatable by sharing real-life, down-to-earth examples from her own experience. I’ve been inspired to tweak my morning routine and it now sets me up for the day. Thank you Suzy!”

Robert Williams, Area Director, Morgan Sindall

“Suzy spoke for the FBE (Forum for the Built Environment) at a recent webinar and talked about how to boost your emotional resilience during lockdown. It was an excellent talk with some very useful tips, which I am already benefiting from, and we had some great feedback from all those who attended.”

Stephen Jones, Associate Director, Mace Group

“Suzy has delivered a series of corporate wellness webinars for Morgan Sindall staff during lockdown – including webinars exclusively for furloughed staff.  Feedback from participants has been excellent: they really felt that they benefited from attending and have since felt tangible improvements in their wellbeing. Suzy’s approach is extremely engaging, personal and relaxed. She created an informal, welcoming environment where everyone felt comfortable being honest and open. Participants felt empowered and motivated to take small, practical steps to care for their own health.  Suzy also taught us several techniques for reducing anxiety and stress, including breathing practices and EFT (tapping), which our staff found invaluable. I’d highly recommend her.”

Liz Ling, HR Business Partner, Morgan Sindall

“As a busy marketing agency, we’re often up against the clock in a bid to meet tight deadlines. A lot of us regularly struggled with a lack of energy in the afternoons and sometimes experienced high levels of stress/lack of sleep when we were busy spinning lots of plates!

We thought it would be really beneficial for our staff for Suzy to come in and deliver three workshops on food, stress and sleep. The team were really engaged from the get-go and quickly connected with Suzy and responded well to her first-hand experience and professional advice.

There have been some huge changes in the office, with many people swapping their sugary breakfasts for something more nutritious and energy-boosting! Other members of the team have also taken on some of Suzy’s tips on battling stress in the workplace, as well as adopting some new techniques to improve their sleep. It’s been great to watch so many of us adopt new habits and really notice the changes in our day-to-day lives.

I really would recommend Suzy to any business looking to empower their staff to look after their well-being, particularly when working in fast-paced environments!”

Kat Hooker, Digital Strategy Manager, Solutions 24/7

“The workshops are very relaxed and Suzy’s knowledge and advice is often revelatory, mixed in with good humour and the sharing of our own experiences.  I’m now keeping more focused on what I’m eating and maintaining the lifestyle far better than if I was just trying to follow a New Year’s resolution or faddy regime.  The science behind eating better, sleep and stress has made it easier to connect the dots to how all of these are intrinsically linked to each other, which has helped to motivate me.

Suzy is very approachable, knowledgeable and fun to listen to and discuss ideas with.  Her honesty about her own experiences that led her to completely change her lifestyle in the first place, as well as her continued experiences make it a more relaxing and easier environment to embrace the ideology and take away what you want. She celebrates even the smallest first step changes – everyone is encouraged to take the information at their own pace, whether that be big or small lifestyle transformations.”

Angela Waterhouse, Associate Director – Executive PA at Savills

“I just wanted to say thanks for a great session yesterday- I had some great feedback from the group, especially around the breathing exercises you taught us all!”

Alison Tollerfield, Associate Director – Strategic Learning & Development at Savills

“Suzy delivered a fantastic talk on practical wellbeing tips to N Brown colleagues as part of our Blue Monday initiative. During the session, she talked through small, realistic lifestyles changes that can give colleagues a much better quality of life. She showed real insight and passion for the topic and shared some of her own personal experiences which provided examples that many office workers can relate to. We’d love to work with Suzy in the future and would highly recommend her services to any organisation interested in wellbeing!”

Ryan Lennon, Social Media & Communications Executive, N Brown

“Health Shield works closely with Suzy to produce a wide range of content for our digital wellbeing portal. Suzy brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and compassion to everything she does. She makes wellbeing engaging, interesting and relevant to everybody, regardless of where they’re at. Suzy’s passion always comes across in everything she speaks about, and through her own story and personal journey, she’s able to help businesses and individuals make small changes to make a big difference. Thanks to Suzy, we’ve got a range of holistic content on all things wellbeing, all with the purpose to help people lead healthier, happier, more productive lives.”

Amber Furr, Content and Communications Coordinator, Health Shield

“Thank you so much for your guidance – many of my colleagues, including myself, went away with some great tips to help us manage our sleep better. I would certainly recommend you to my friends and colleagues in the future. It was one hour very well spent!”

Shaheen Syed, Telefónica UK Limited

“Suzy gave a really engaging and informative workshop on eating for energy. It was a great reminder that it only takes small changes to have a healthier lifestyle. The feedback we had after the session has been really positive, and it got everybody talking and sharing tips with one another in the office and across the business. We’d love to work with Suzy again in future.”

Kerstin Hungerford, HSE Compliance Administrator, Savills

“We were overwhelmed by Suzy’s knowledge, empathy and interpersonal skills during our World Mental Health Day discussion yesterday. We felt comfortable to talk openly and honestly. I would recommend Suzy to join you and highlight the benefits of healthy nutrition in conjunction with positive mental health. Thank you so much Suzy.”

Leanne Stant, Global Colleague Experience Partner, Engagement and Wellbeing at Travel Counsellors

“Everyone found the workshop incredibly useful and informative. Suzy delivered it in a way that removed the barriers between people and every single person took on board what she shared and left feeling fired up to make small changes. Personally, it’s given me the impetus to look at how food affects my life.”

Steve Moritz, Tesco

“Suzy was introduced to us as someone who could help shape, inform and deliver on an initiative to promote the whole aspect of well-being and wellness at an individual level throughout the business. As busy real estate consultants with clients around the world, we work a punishing, adrenalin-fuelled, and sometimes impossible schedule – with individual relationships, personal health and work/life balance often the first casualties.

Our introductory session was enough to convince me that Suzy is the ‘real deal’. She held a full room spell-bound. Adoption of just a few of her early insights into the differences between our harmful cravings and what our bodies really need is already beginning to confirm that this is exactly what we need to pursue. In my own case, the simple abandonment of a lifetime of all too easy cereal breakfasts in favour of a nutritious start to the day has completely changed the way I both feel and can perform. No more mid-morning lulls for me!

I am sure we all have some way to go, but we are very much looking forward to working and learning with Suzy as well-being and wellness become a mainstream part of our workplace culture.”

Peter Gallagher, Head of Office, Colliers International

“Suzy delivered workshops on nutrition and its effect on our health, sleep patterns and anxiety.  This followed a “great idea” put forward by one of our members of staff to offer coaching to our staff to enable them to make more informed and better lifestyle choices and so avoid being one of many people who go to their GP with health issues related to poor lifestyle choices.  The workshops were fully attended and the engagement of our staff during the workshops was amazing to see.  The workshops delivered on our promise to give our staff the tools to improve their wellbeing, so thank you Suzy for your great advice.”

Liz Ling, HR Business Partner, Morgan Sindall

“Suzy held a series of fantastic corporate wellness workshops at GRI and the response from the participants has been resoundingly positive. Her hugely relatable approach is both refreshing and comforting – you know that she’s been there so truly understands and speaks from first-hand experience. She has a talent for deconstructing what can often be a complex and overwhelming subject – health and wellness – and breaking it down into bite-sized tips and practical advice, separating myth from truth and empowering you to take control of your own wellbeing. She has inspired everyone to make small, sustainable lifestyle changes that have reaped immediate benefits, with staff reporting that they have more energy throughout the day, feel calmer and are sleeping better. I’d recommend her to any organisation looking to help their staff feel their best.”

Kristina Boyle, GRI

‘The knowledge and understanding that Suzy possesses has opened many of our eyes to how we can live healthier, without making major lifestyle changes. We look forward to working closely with Suzy in the future.”

Nathan Khanverdi, Colliers International

“At altspace coworking office, we take great pride in promoting a healthy work and life balance and we often run events to enrich and educate our visitors’ work week.  Suzy presented some amazing tips on nutrition to a packed room in our event space.  The energy and insight that she gave really impressed me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Suzy’s services to independent workers and corporate businesses.  As work patterns change, it’s so important to address wellness to ensure that we’re at our best within work and leisure hours.”

Stephen Upham, owner of altspace coworking office

“Suzy gave an amazing, engaging and empowering introduction to eating to support our wellbeing. We could have listened to her all day.”

Laura Noden, Team Manager, John Lewis

“Suzy was extremely calming and knowledgeable throughout the workshop, explaining the benefits of food and how it can affect your mood and wellbeing. She interacted with everyone and ensured everyone was engaged for the whole of the session, making time for everyone to share their experiences with one another. We had some really positive feedback from our team and every single one of us came away from the workshop with enthusiasm to change one small lifestyle change.”

Bethany Charles, HR Administrator, Citypress

“Suzy’s workshop was amazing. Working in such a fast-pace environment, quick and unhealthy snacks can be very tempting. Suzy showed us how this routine of grabbing a quick snack can actually lead to drops in productivity and leave us feeling sluggish. Since the workshop, we’ve revamped our weekly office food shop and have swapped it out for healthy alternatives advised by Suzy. We are already feeling the benefits!”

Kiera Lawlor, director of Happiness & People at Social Chain

“Everyone loved the course – best course we have done. It is such a simple message but can have such a massive impact at work and at home. It is simply life-changing.”

Joe Morris, operations director at Home Bargains

“In her warm, fun and interactive workshop, Suzy taught us practical and very easy to implement ways to mitigate everyday stressors and how to eat to optimise energy throughout the day. We were delighted to see an immediate, marked increase not only in individuals’ energy levels and focus but an overwhelming boost in positivity and overall morale. Our staff left inspired, excited and motivated to make permanent lifestyle changes which will not only enhance their health but also their productivity going forward.”

Daniel Nolan, managing director at theEword

“The feedback we had from our team here was very positive indeed. Suzy managed to bust some long held food myths and steer the group towards some better food options without preaching or lecturing. The conversational style of the workshop allowed people to get involved, open up about their concerns and to voice their questions.”

Emlyn Lewis, managing director at Össur UK

“We were looking for ways to help our hardworking staff to look after themselves better so that they could feel more able to cope in work and have more energy. Suzy’s workshop empowered them to make bite-sized, practical, easy changes that dramatically increase focus and energy – all conveyed in a relaxed, informal environment where everyone was encouraged to share their own challenges. Our staff gained insights into how their daily habits impact on stress levels and came away inspired to make small changes to improve how they feel and perform on a day to day basis.”

Lee Bergin, headmaster at North Cestrian School

“I attended a “bite-sized” Peppermint Wellness session on keeping energy levels up at work and I would recommend it to any busy professional. Reflecting on my daily habits and how they are affecting my performance was incredibly therapeutic. I’m fully aware of where I’m going wrong, yet I’ve not done anything about it for years! The session with Suzy has motivated me to stop making excuses and to think about my wellness. I eat healthily, drink lots of water and exercise, however I cannot remember the last time I stepped away from my laptop and ate my lunch without rushing. My ‘take home message’ was how important it is to eat mindfully. This is something I’ve been able to implement immediately and whilst it’s been less than a week, I can already feel a difference.”

Nikki Barraclough, executive director at Prevent Breast Cancer

“Suzy was extremely informative and made everyone feel at ease whilst educating us about how to eat healthily. Some of the issues we discussed, such as why low fat products are bad for you and why ‘the right’ fats are good for you, were real eye-openers for the team. I received lots of positive feedback from the team and they have already started to change some of their eating habits!”

Russell Goldman, buying director at Rayburn Trading

What audiences say...

“We were so delighted with the feedback we received from our audience who attended Suzy’s wellbeing workshop, many of whom commented on how helpful and useful the workshop conversations and tips were for use in everyday life. Suzy was refreshingly honest about her journey towards wellbeing and it was wonderful to listen to such words of wellbeing wisdom.”

Helen Jeys, Head Mistress, Manchester High School for Girls

“At what is a very difficult time for many people during this pandemic – and having many knock-on effects both mentally and physically – we invited Suzy to do a Zoom webinar for our congregation. Suzy spoke for an hour about coping strategies, both mentally and physically. By the time Suzy had finished, we all felt uplifted and more positive.”

Susan Joseph

“I first discovered Suzy’s Wellness Unwrapped podcasts at the beginning of lockdown and I’m so happy I did.  During such a challenging time, the weekly podcast was something to really look forward to, as its content always left me uplifted with something positive to work with.  Each episode  is filled with insightful and useful tips and interviews with a variety of amazing guests. Suzy is so passionate about wellness – and her honest, open approach and desire to share this knowledge shines through in every episode.”

Sue Smith

“Super excited to hear all you have to share Suzy. The world is better and healthier for you and all you do. Thank you for your tireless work to spread the word of true wellness; zingy, minty wellbeing. You’re presenting an uncomplicated approach to health and wellbeing in such a beautiful and relaxed manner. Congratulations on all you do and thank you for continuing to show people how to take back control of the health and take better care of themselves. Bravo!!!”

Simone Gilbert

“I’m thanking you right now for your honestly and openness. You are truly genuine and although we have never met, I enjoy reading your posts which are written with such a desire to improve well-being. There is never a hidden agenda and this comes across perfectly. So thank you to you for simply being yourself.”

Ruth McElhinney

“I absolutely loved listening to Suzy speak. She was so inspirational and looked as though she truly practiced what she preached. Since hearing her talk I’ve tweaked how I eat. Now, at the age of 73, I feel so much more energised – plus, I’ve stopped feeling hungry all the time.”

Barbara Cohen

“Brilliant workshop to help me re-calibrate not only myself but also my family.”

Jonathan Shales, Morgan Sindall

“It was a joy to attend Suzy’s wellness sessions at Wythenshawe Hospital. I found them not only informative and enlightening but extremely motivational in wanting to becoming healthier.  Suzy’s passion and enthusiasm for the health and wellbeing of the individual shone through.”

Christine Mealor, Wythenshawe Hospital

“I have really benefited from attending this programme and I’ve also let my friends and family know about my new eating habits and lifestyle changes. Hopefully, they will change their habits too. Thank you for delivering a brilliant and worthwhile programme. You are an inspiration to myself and others.”

Dee Patel, Senior BMS Biochemistry/POCT, Wythenshawe Hospital

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for volunteering your time to come to Wythenshawe to coach us. I have found it invaluable. I thought your food information was fabulous and I have changed my low fat manufactured sprays for olive oil and margarine for butter. Reduced my Diet Coke intake and I am determined to cut it out all together. I am eating nuts as I write!”

Samantha Roberts, Wythenshawe Hospital

“Suzy’s workshop was excellently pitched to the group, full of practical health tips and techniques which are easy to apply, and myth-busters to bring clarity to the confusing world of lifestyle and nutrition advice. She has the skill to present a wealth of knowledge in a small space of time while actively listening and responding to the experiences and questions of the individuals in the room.”

Timothy Clement, Design Manager, Morgan Sindall 

“Suzy gave the most fantastic talk on healthy eating to a group of our members. The Friendship Circle works with people who have disabilities with all levels of ability. Suzy was perfectly appropriate for the audience: she was  engaging and knowledgeable, answering each question with patience and sensitivity. Our members connected with Suzy right away and have already been asking when she can come back!”

Esty Bruck, Programme Director – The Friendship Circle

“I went along to a talk from Suzy and came away inspired. I was pretty clued up already on healthy eating – avoiding low fat and using wholefoods etc – but when you’re feeling low on energy it’s so easy to reach for the quick boost from chocolate or toast. Suzy gave us really good ideas for what to eat and why and gave me the kick-start I needed to eat well for my energy levels and, more importantly, my long-term health. She’s not preachy and as she admits, as a former crumpet addict she understands the cravings! Highly recommend her talks and social channels.”

Jane Pusey

“The feedback we’ve had from the audience has been terrific. Suzy is the Martin Lewis of the healthy lifestyle world: she cut through a lot of confusing information to open our eyes as to how to protect our brain health.”

Steven Holt

“Having watched the most enlightening and motivational presentation from Suzy Glaskie – who is on a par with Tony Robbins, without the bad language – I walked out inspired to change my lifestyle and food choices.”

David Jaffe

“I was very impressed and inspired with Suzy’s presentation at the Mindful Living Show. Here was someone with knowledge and expertise around health and food who was able to cut through the often contradictory information out there. Suzy presented the information in an engaging and intelligible manner such that she made you understand you could do something about taking care of yourself in the best means possible. Personally, I found the talk quite revolutionary, drawings strands together, enabling you to translate this into your everyday life and habits.”

Anne Pugh

“Suzy brought real insight and an interesting new perspective to the conversation at FoundHER Festival. Her practical tips on how to maintain a healthy and positive mindset in the workplace cut through what can often be a maze of conflicting and confusing advice. It was a pleasure to have her on the panel!”

Amy Oldham, Group Head of Partnerships and Programme at AllBright

“Just want to say that a few changes have made a big difference to me so far. I have lost weight and feel fitter than I have done in years, with plenty of energy at work to push through the shifts we do!”

Richard Nurse, warehouse shift supervisor at Home Bargains

Thank you so much for last week, it really was amazing. The way you speak and how passionate you are about the subject rubs off on people. Everyone I have spoken to says the same thing.”

William Hogg, area manager at Home Bargains

Since listening to you give a seminar, I got Mark Hyman’s book and have now been following the programme for one month. In that time I have lost 8kg (which is 10% of my previous body weight), lost 9cm off my waistline and, most importantly, my sugar intake is way down. I feel great and never feel hungry at all. So this REALLY works. Thanks so much, Suzy, for getting me onto the correct path.”


“I found the workshop very interesting and challenging and will make every effort to make some changes to my own eating habits. Your determination and focus on passing on your knowledge to others was quite inspiring.”


“Your session struck such a chord with me that I had to hold back tears at times. Your passion came across so strongly, and for me it was just one light bulb after another going off. I just kept thinking: ‘that’s why I do that, that’s why I do this…that’s me!’ What you were saying was just proven by how my life was. I didn’t need to go and look at another article or wiki to see the facts because they were right there in front of me.

“After two days of cutting out fizzy diet drinks and trying to have a better breakfast, I’m already feeling the changes in my mood. I did an unintentional experiment yesterday – I caved and ate some junk I still had in the cupboard. I’d felt great and motivated when I started the day with some eggs, bacon and tomatoes and as soon as I put the junk in my body I become lazy and unmotivated. The proof is right there in the pudding!

“Thank you so much Suzy for all your encouragement – you’ve just opened my eyes so much. I can’t thank you enough 🙂

“I’m going to make small change by small change and determined to finally be healthy and happy again.”


“Hearing Suzy talk about healthy living has inspired me to finally take action to improve my diet. I had suffered from an eating disorder for seven years in my 20s and, even though I have largely put that behind me, I’m very aware that my diet at times has been inconsistent. However I have always pushed it to the back of my mind telling myself that it is not too bad.

Listening to Suzy was the wake-up call I needed (after 30 years!). I’ve now cut out artificial sweeteners and my daily fix of Diet Coke which has been hard, but I have stuck at it. It is just a small start, but I feel so much better now that I have, after all these years, begun to take steps to improve my lifestyle, and that’s all thanks to Suzy.
Thank you Suzy. You have inspired me!!”


“Suzy was a guest speaker at one of my ParentPreneur events. She absolutely blew us away with her compassion, honesty and expertise on health and wellness. As parents, we try our best to give our children a healthy balance of food. Suzy gave us some realistic ideas on how making small changes can really have a big impact. Her passion and knowledge are absolutely amazing and I’d have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs to refocus and make some lifelong changes. She will support you for 6 months and it will change the rest of your life!”

Florence Roberts, founder of ParentPreneur Networking

“Very thought-provoking and no bullshit.”


“Extremely enlightening.”


“You are what you eat! A good wake-up call – especially for my kids. What price do you put on your life?”


“If you’re looking to improve not only your diet but your health and wellbeing then I couldn’t recommend Suzy enough. She delivered a wonderful talk on mindful eating at my Pilates studio which changed the way I looked at diet as a subject. She really helps you see the bigger picture so you’re not only conscious of short term benefits but the long term rewards of good health through to old age. She gives you so much motivation and really simplified it for us. I left feeling quite confident that, with a little thought, I could improve much more than my immediate health. If I can sum up her talk in three words it would be inspirational, motivational and achievable.”

Lindsey Woolstencroft, founder of Clinic Equilibrium

“Suzy gave a brilliant talk on sugar at The Garden and the entire audience found her words incredibly inspirational, engaging and thought-provoking. There were loads of ‘light-bulb’ moments for everyone there – Suzy has a real gift for making people see things from a fresh perspective and giving them the impetus and encouragement to change. Her talk really was “food for thought”.”

Kate Donovan, founder of The Garden

“Suzy is a consummate professional who is deeply passionate about her subject. She is also a highly skilled communicator who can disseminate information in an engaging and affable way. I found her presentation absorbing, educational and thoroughly enjoyable.”

Angela Epstein, freelance journalist and broadcaster

“Made me think…a lot! Fabulous, informative evening.”


“Absolutely inspired. I’m having the best ever week without sugar and found your workshop brilliant.”


“Suzy is a fountain of knowledge on healthy eating. l left her talk on sugar’s impact on our bodies with new knowledge that I can adapt to my everyday living.”

Tiago Fragoso, vegan blogger, The Healthy Beard

“Thank you so much for a great workshop. Was very informative and fun!”


“Thank you for a very inspiring night – it has given me the kick-start I needed. I learned so much while having a laugh as well.”


“A really great session. The perfect balance of information, reflection and humour!”


“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the workshop. I learned so much and really enjoyed it. Thanks again for the inspiration.”


“Here l am, having eaten low fat foods most of my adult life, leaving me with elevated cholesterol, osteopenia and awaiting hip surgery. This sensible advice about fat will be followed, it’s the missing link – thank you so much. I’m a 64-year-old female changing the habits of a lifetime.

You have a fine way of getting details to register and this has provided me with the final piece of the jigsaw – thank you for ‘telling it as it is’. x”

(Sent after watching Peppermint Wellness video ‘We need to talk about fat‘)

Jacqueline Pace

“Id like to thank you for last Thursday – it was a real eye opener. I’m totally made up with all the help and information you have supplied me with – I’m excited about food for the first time in ages! 🙂 “


“Suzy Glaskie’s advice has helped me get my mental energy back. Brain fog has gone only one day after changing. Remarkable.”

Andrew McLeod, warehouse shift manager at Home Bargains

“A very enlightening event. I have a five point plan to improve my lifestyle now and will be implementing it over the next month or so. Exciting times!”


What experts say...

“After 21 years of experience as a doctor, I will never work without a health coach. Health coaches are a significant part of the solution in reversing chronic disease in our nation. I wholeheartedly recommend Suzy and her work to you: working in partnership with her will help you realise your health goals and feel great. See this as an investment in your health pension! Suzy is a trusted voice, bringing clear and practical messages that will help us recover our health and live well. You are left feeling that isn’t about her, but about what I can do to reach my goals. A real breath of fresh air.”

Dr Sally Bell

“Suzy is a consummate professional, passionate about helping others to lead a healthier lifestyle through positive change. It was an honour and pleasure to work with her.”

Darryl Edwards, Movement Coach, author of “Animal Moves” and thought leader in the area of creativity and innovation in fitness and health

“Suzy has written a number of insightful and well-received features for In The Moment magazine, offering her wise and candid advice on nutrition, mindful eating and living a happy, healthy life. Suzy’s writing is always well researched and her lively and approachable style is  readable and engaging. Suzy’s episode on the In The Moment podcast is one of our most listened to.”

Kirstie Duhig, Editor, In The Moment

“Suzy is on the cutting edge – combining coaching, community and life-changing information and helping people truly transform.”

James Maskell, author of “The Community Cure: Transforming Health Outcomes Together”

“Charming, funny, wise and witty, Suzy was a brilliant guest on The Parent Hood podcast.”

Marina Fogle, producer of The Parent Hood podcast and wife of explorer Ben Fogle

“Suzy makes health accessible, engaging and inspiring – whether it’s through her videos, blogs or talks. It’s been a pleasure to partner with her and an example of the future of healthcare: doctors and health coaches working as a team to empower people to reclaim their health and happiness.”

Dr Aseem Malhotra, consultant cardiologist and best-selling author of The Pioppi Diet

“Suzy has the gift of making seemingly insurmountable barriers approachable and can help you to tackle whatever is blocking you from being well. She has a wonderful friendly manner and is always full of enthusiasm and encouragement. I couldn’t recommend her services more highly.”


“Simply fab!! With her sunny attitude and honesty, Suzy had my audiences enthralled. The first was a professional audience of doctors, nurses and health trainers. The second was a diverse group of 25 patients. They were immediately set thinking about their personal goals and how to get there. Suzy certainly knows how to connect.”

Dr Joanne McCormack MB chB MRCGP

“I was very interested to hear Suzy Glaskie speak to our doctors’ meeting last night. She has a wonderful understanding of positive psychology, and used it to create a really uplifting talk on how she uses group work to facilitate improved nutrition and better health for her clients. Highly recommended, well done!”

Dr David Unwin FRCGP

RCGP National Champion for Collaborative Care and Support Planning in Obesity & Diabetes

RCGP Clinical Expert in Diabetes

NHS Innovator of the Year 2016

“As the oldest son of John Yudkin, I’ve found it really heartening to witness the way in which his research has recently started to gain the recognition it deserves. His book on the dangers of sugar, ‘Pure, White and Deadly’, published in 1972, was first ridiculed and then ignored. But in the past few years we have seen a much greater appreciation of the harm that sugar is doing to our health. It gives me particular pleasure to acknowledge Suzy’s tireless activity, through Peppermint Wellness, in bringing my father’s work to public attention. Thank you, Suzy!

Michael Yudkin, Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry

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