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Episode 1 – Why your body is wiser than you think

For my very first episode of Wellness Unwrapped, I’ve chosen a topic that’s very close to my heart: the body’s innate ability to heal itself. This is the podcast I wish I’d had access to 15 years ago when one of my kids was diagnosed with a chronic bowel condition and put on a merry-go-round of medication over several years.

My guest is Dr Sarah Davies, a GP and functional medicine specialist. She’s passionate about empowering her patients to investigate the root causes of their health problems. She works with nutritional therapists and health coaches to create individualised treatment plans to treat chronic health problems which often don’t respond to standard medical therapies. She has a particular interest in treating autoimmunity and chronic fatigue and has used functional medicine to heal her own health problems as well as those of hundreds of her functional medicine patients.

In this conversation, Sarah shares how her eyes were opened to the body’s natural wisdom and how she became fascinated with the body’s ability to fix itself – if we just give it what it needs to thrive. She talks about functional medicine’s emphasis on optimising our health so that we can feel as good as possible – rather than focusing solely on treating disease.

Whether you (or a loved one) has a chronic disease or just want to feel more vibrant, Sarah’s message is one of universal empowerment: that, with a few simple changes to our lifestyle, we can all feel better than we currently do.

You can find out more about Sarah at:

Sarah mentions Dr Amy Myers for advice on autoimmune conditions

And Dr Sarah Myhill for chronic fatigue:

For further listening on functional medicine, check out these podcasts that I mention:

The Doctor’s Farmacy with Dr Mark Hyman

Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit.

Disclaimer: The content in the podcast is not intended to constitute or be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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