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Andrew Cuckill

“I came to see Suzy after suffering a mild heart attack. I’d made what I thought were reasonable lifestyle changes, but I hadn’t even scratched the surface until I started being coached by Suzy. I can see now that we just tend to ignore what our family tell us and that it really takes someone outside your circle to support you to make changes. Suzy never dictates and is completely non-judgemental. Apart from her amazing knowledge, she also has great empathy. She’s inspired and motivated me to be healthy and I feel wonderful. My health, sleep, diet have all been transformed and, as a very nice side-effect, I’ve lost over a stone and inches off my waist. I’ve even started cooking! I’m delighted to have come off statins and I feel so empowered now that I understand that food is a better medicine than drugs.

 My whole outlook has changed. I’m now so enthusiastic about lifestyle medicine that I’m inspiring my colleagues and friends to make changes and that feels really good. I’ve genuinely never felt better in my life.”

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