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Jane Bold

“Here I am nearing 50 years old and I’m still waiting to get organised. I look at ‘other people’ and think they’ve definitely got it sorted – or have they? I came to Suzy with the intention of becoming a bit healthier, perhaps lose some weight, have more energy, not eat so much rubbish but what I got was so much more! Suzy encouraged me to look at parts of my life that I didn’t realise needed attention. We looked at attitudes towards everyday challenges and ways to cope with those times that are unavoidable.  She helped me to arm myself with strategies when these times reared their ugly head so I would be prepared.

Alongside this came wonderful benefits – I would melt into a sea of calm when I entered the peppermint aroma filled room. This led me to make my own discoveries of essential oils. I also discovered bullet journaling (if you’ve never heard of it, look it up). It has been life-changing for me – my life is now organised through brightly coloured stickers and inks.  Other benefits included making time for myself – that old cliché! I have three teenage children and extended family that I look after, as well as studying for a Master’s degree – so this was no easy ride.  With Suzy’s help, I rediscovered my love of knitting and crotchet and also started reading books again – yet I seem to have more time. This was Suzy’s ability to make me stop and think about what I was doing rather than bouncing from pillar to post. Looking ahead, I am hoping to start my second set of sessions with Suzy soon with the intention of looking more intensely at healthy eating – although who knows what we may discover en route! Watch this space!”

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