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“When I first came to see Suzy, following a recommendation from my doctor,  I had been on steroids for over four years. Shortly after starting the steroids, I’d been prescribed Prozac for depression.  The steroids exacerbated my pre-diabetic condition, weight gain and overall lack of motivation. I had no energy and both my eating and blood sugar were out of control. I honestly thought I’d never get myself right again. Food has always been my comfort and I’d always been a “snacky” person.  I’d tried countless diets in the past but nothing had worked. What has been an absolute breakthrough for me is having the regular, one-to-one coaching sessions with someone who takes a nurturing, gentle approach.  It’s not like coming once and walking out a brand new person: you don’t change overnight. Suzy has been there for me when I’ve slipped backwards and has continually motivated me.  I’ve stopped snacking and have learnt to prepare and enjoy delicious, nutrient-packed foods. I’ve come off the steroids and Prozac, my blood sugar is stable and I feel so much better for taking fewer tablets. It feels fantastic to be no longer dictated and sabotaged by my impulses. I’ve got my confidence back again, my energy is higher, my outlook is more positive and I don’t take things to heart so much.  Every time I come to see Suzy, I leave energised and uplifted. I’d recommend her to anyone.”

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I’m delighted to hand over the reins for this blog to Debs Davies – a lady who has inspired me every [...]

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So, there I was: dressed up in my Saturday best, walking to synagogue last week, when something hit my head (thank [...]

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Last month, I got a call from Dr Aseem Malhotra, consultant cardiologist and best-selling author of The Pioppi [...]

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