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A super simple way to crush your cravings

Are you someone who really, really tries to develop good intentions and stick to them… but just gets undermined by those pesky cravings?

Fighting a craving is hard work, isn’t it? They’re just so overwhelming and surrender seems to be the easiest option. Relying on our will power doesn’t work out so well: it tends to fail us a lot, doesn’t it? Especially if we’re feeling tired or low or angry.

I’m going to share with you a simple trick to keep up your sleeve and whip out next time a craving creeps up on you.

Here’s the heart-warming news. No matter what it is you’re craving, all you need to fight that feeling is a little bit of time to wait it out. You see, the craving’s weak spot is that it actually doesn’t have much stamina. That means that, if you can keep it at bay for just 15 minutes, it will often give up the ghost.

Relapse specialist Alan Marlatt describes cravings as waves: they build to a peak, then slowly break up. But you can learn to “surf” them without giving in. Isn’t it reassuring to know that your cravings will dissolve within 15 minutes? After all, most of us can get through 15 minutes of feeling a bit uncomfortable if we know we’ll feel better afterwards.

So, here’s all you need to be armed and ready for when the next craving’s on the rise. When you feel that familiar feeling taking hold of you, just set your timer on your phone for 7½ minutes. Now go for a walk. Doesn’t matter where – just walk. When the timer beeps, turn back and walk 7½ minutes home.

If you can’t get outside, just do 15 minutes of something physically active where you are. Any movement will do – just keep it up for that magic number.

Right then. Ready to beat those cravings? Just remember: you only need 15 minutes!

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