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I had the pleasure of meeting my fellow health coach Madeleine Shaw (of Get the Glow fame) on her recent book tour and got to sample some of her delicious, nutrition-packed recipes. I’m delighted to share one of them here. Turmeric is such a health-protecting powerhouse that I chose it as the subject of my first ever health blog and I’m forever banging on to people to eat more of it. Over to Madeleine and an easy and delicious way to get your turmeric hit…


I’m obsessed with turmeric – the miracle antioxidant – it goes so well with the earthy carrot and sweet orange here. This juice is a total winner.

Serves one

2 carrots

3 oranges, peeled

1 knob of ginger, peeled

¼ tsp ground turmeric

Push all the ingredients except the turmeric through the juicer. Stir the turmeric into the juice and serve.

Will keep in the fridge for 1–2 days.

Please note, this is a juice, not a smoothie, so it should be made in a juicer not a blender.

This recipe, and many more, can be found in Madeleine Shaw’s new book, Ready, Steady, Glow.

About Madeleine
Not so long ago, Madeleine would wake up feeling bloated, tired and unhealthy. So she decided to turn her life around and embarked on a journey to health that saw her travel to Sydney where she learned the art of eating well. Inspired to share her story with others, she is now a trained nutritional health coach, food blogger and creative cook. Visit her website at:

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